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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sketch Graffiti Bubble Alphabet is Wearing Style

Sketch graffiti alphabets bubble style wear. Graffiti sketches in plain paper used by artists as an example of making graffiti on the wall

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tibet Graffiti Alphabet Canvas

Graffiti alphabet, Graffiti Canvas, Graffiti MurasTibet Graffiti Alphabet Canvas
Tibet graffiti alphabet Canvas. Made in graffiti art mural is also interesting as the picture above.

Writing Alphabet Graffiti Beast

Graffiti alphabet, Graffiti Street Art
Writing Alphabet Graffiti Beast. Graffiti Street Art

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Graffiti Alphabet Letters A Through Z | Fonts | Alphabets

Graffiti Alphabet Letters, Graffiti Alphabets, Graffiti FontsGraffiti Alphabet Letters A Through Z | Fonts | Alphabets

Latin Kings Gang Graffiti Murals | Graffiti Street Art

Graffiti Murals, Graffiti Street Art
Latin Kings Gang Graffiti Murals | Graffiti Street Art

Create Graffiti Street Art | Graffiti Murals

Graffiti Murals, Graffiti Street Art
Create Graffiti Street Art | Graffiti Murals | Graffiti Creator

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Create Graffiti Characters | Graffiti Creator

Graffiti Characters, Graffiti creator, Graffiti Street ArtGraffiti Characters
Graffiti Creator 2
Graffiti Hip Hop
Graffiti Street Art

Monday, April 26, 2010

Graffiti Alphabet As A Wall Decoration

ART OF Graffiti, GRAFFITI Graphics, Painting Graffiti
Graffiti Alphabet As A Wall Decoration

Graffiti art alphabet can also be as a home interior design. Examples of graffiti on top of that in a similar painting on the wall you can display a minimalist home or your luxury home. Cool graffiti alphabet, such as graphic design.

3D Graffiti Alphabet | Character Graffiti

Graffiti alphabet, Graffiti Characters, Graffiti Street Art3D Graffiti Alphabet | Character Graffiti

Tricks And Tips On How To Write Graffiti Alphabets

GRAFFITI ALPHABET LETTERSTricks and tips on how to write graffiti alphabets:
  1. To begin to make graffiti letters of the alphabet, you need a pencil to draw letters. Wondering about getting the idea to draw the letter-mail? There are many websites where you can get ideas on the graffiti fonts. Some sites that provide options for entering text and making graffiti letter font selected. Take the help of the site and copy the style to draw letters on paper.
  2. While drawing graffiti letters on paper to make sure that you start with small strokes of a pencil. After the framework of the letters were made, you can fill the letters with colors. However, while pulling the letters is important that you remember a certain length of the text that you want to write in graffiti letters. The shape and size of the letters should be tailored in such a way that they look perfect on paper as required. Therefore, it is important to draw the outline of the entire text with a light pencil strokes so you can delete the parts that do not look nice.
  3. As a graffiti picture is basically used to capture attention, you can choose bright colors to enhance the effect of your image. Begin by tracing the outlines of text with both markers. Before using the colors you should choose colors that can produce maximum effect. After you complete the outline, use a different color to shade the inside and outside the outline to create 3D effects. Color the remaining part of the papers use other bright colors.
  4. The final part of how to draw graffiti letter is to draw the shadows of letters. Maximize the effect of the shadow of the text and give a twist to the whole picture. Drop shadows should be made with bright colors under the characters. Now you are ready with graffiti text for your use.
  5. If you are interested to draw graffiti letters on the wall, you must acquire skills beginning with the letter draw on sheets of paper or images. Mark a rectangle on the wall with chalk or charcoal to help select the area in which you want to place the picture. You should even draw the outline of text using a charcoal or chalk for them can easily be painted over if something goes wrong. Draw a small square in the grid to divide the length into the little box that will help you draw your letters in the right proportions. After you are finished with the outline of graffiti letters, remove the grid or paint with diluted paint. Before using the colors in letters and paintings of the shadows, make sure that the background has died completely. Start painting with the largest areas first and details.
Graffiti Alphabets | Graffiti Fonts
Examples of graffiti alphabets bubble style letters

Express yourself with stunning artwork graffiti letters using the above tips and tricks. Graffiti tutorial above hopefully useful to you.

3D Graffiti Alphabet Letters

Example graffiti alphabet letters with shadows

Sunday, April 25, 2010

How To Write Graffiti Letters In Different Styles

Graffiti Alphabet Letters
Graffiti Alphabet Letters, Graffiti Fonts, How To Write Graffiti
How to write graffiti alphabet letters in various styles?

Graffiti alphabet letters that can be developed in various forms such as bubble style, stack, wild-style graffiti, balloons, crumpled like street graffiti art. Only need creativity to master the art form. Producing stunning visual effects through letters and colors is a primary goal of graffiti. If you master the art of graffiti how to draw letters and improve your skills, you can draw the letters in a more interesting way to use your imagination and add your own style.

Before you learn the art of graffiti images you must understand that the main purpose of using letters graffiti is to attract the attention of the audience. Therefore, the letters are usually painted with bright colors and you have to understand the color scheme while applying them to art. However, when you start to draw graffiti letters, you need to know certain aspects of graffiti writing. In this writing technique, usually, the letters overlap each other to some extent, which need to be adjusted properly to ensure that they are readable. Another important aspect is the letters that are made with a 3D effect.

Graffiti Fonts

Graffiti Alphabet Letters, Graffiti Fonts, How To Write GraffitiExamples to draw graffiti letters with bright paint colors

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Waving American Flag Graphics | Banksy Graffiti Statue of Liberty

Waving American Flag Graphics | Banksy Graffiti Statue of Liberty

The art of making graffiti waved American flags and graffiti Banksy statue of liberty with the image

Friday, April 23, 2010

Graffiti Alphabet Blaze of Glory | Waving American Flag Graphics

Graffiti Alphabet Blaze of Glory | Waving American Flag Graphics. Graffiti art on the walls of the existing street urban wall

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can You Show Me Some Graffiti Letters Alphabet

Graffiti Fonts
Graffiti Alphabet Letters
Can you show me some graffiti letters alphabet. Sample set of design drawings graffiti alphabets. Graffiti design by: http://new-graffiti.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 Letters Of The Alphabet Graffiti Style Atlanta | Creator

Graffiti Alphabet Letters3 Letters Of The Alphabet Graffiti Style in Atlanta:
  • Graffiti creator: Graffiti green stack
  • Write my name in graffiti orange
  • Graffiti street art: Graffiti in blue fonts

Grafiti Fonts | Graffiti Alphabet Letters A-Z

Graffiti Alphabets
graffiti alphabets
Uppercase fonts graffiti graffiti alphabet letters and photographs. Graffiti street art

Monday, April 19, 2010

Characters Graffiti Dragon | Graffiti Murals

Characters Graffiti Dragon | Graffiti Murals | Graffiti Street Art

White Graffiti Bubble Alphabet Letters

White Graffiti Bubble Alphabet Letters: Graffiti Street Art

Graffiti Alphabet Letters GDOD

Graffiti Alphabet Letters GDOD. Graffiti Fonts colorful. Graffiti Street Art

Graffiti Alphabet Streets At Night | Graffiti Street Art

Graffiti Alphabet street lights at night in the enlightened city. Graffiti alphabet letters. Colorful cool graffiti

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Create Graffiti Fonts Tutorial With Photoshop

Create Graffiti Fonts Tutorial With Photoshop | Graffiti Alphabet Letters

How to create and design fonts graffiti tribal style is as follows: Create a new document at 300 dpi. Try 8 to 10 inches for size. Find a picture a few stocks that will be used for this sample. Choose the font with both line and fill styles such as RaseOne, FatCap or WildStyle and type the desired word or phrase. Enter a symbol or letter that you want to include extra.
Note: If any letters or symbols that are placed on the layer itself is far more advanced work possible. In this example the font is left exactly as typed and a minimum number of layers used.
Once you have the text you want to copy or duplicate the layer or layers. If you do not use a layer of paste just in front of other objects.

Black and white graffiti fonts

On a new layer to change the font style of the frame to fill out and change the color for each color desired.
Align the fill style directly to the lines of force.
I will select the area with color so it is better to use colors with high contrast black and white as shown in this example.

Graffiti Alphabet Letters | Graffiti Fonts

Repeat the process till you have all the basic words, phrases, or symbols you want for your layout.
If you work in a high-end software such as Photoshop you'll want to combine the contents of each layer by layer so that each section commensurate line of graffiti is one object and can be easily moved around.
Graffiti alphabets with the flame effect
Open one of your stock images like this simple fire images or images of cartoon characters you like.
Copy pictures or enough to cover the desired area and paste into your layout

Graffiti fonts with the effects of fire

Move the flame image or character image layers were imported into the rear and to the desired position in your layout.
At this point you can remove the white area in the text and the fire will be visible. You most likely will want to erase the image area of fire on the outside so please proceed to the next step.

Graffiti Alphabets

Use the selection tool to select the empty space around you graffiti
Change the layer to the layer that contains the imported image while keeping the current selection.
Simply press delete to delete the image area that shows the back of your graffiti text.

Write my name in graffiti

Use a selection tool to select white area fills your fonts and once again it. Just delete you will see the image now shows through and the outline is still in place. Again you should merge or group to fill and outline so that they are one object (after making adjustments to color and apply effects to the line and fill out to obtain the desired view) Bring in the second picture to fill the entire background. and you're basically done.
The samples shown here do not use effects and has no particular colorscheme or be seen but the process is a cookie-cutter base can create a variety of 2D and 3D effects in a variety of applications.

Graffiti Alphabet Paper Stuck On The Streets

Graffiti alphabet paper stuck on the streets. Graffiti street art

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Write Graffiti Alphabets in A Minimalist Home

Write Graffiti Alphabets in A Minimalist Home. Write My Name In Graffiti, Graffiti Street Art

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Graffiti Street Art Style Bubble Letters

Graffiti Street Art
Style Bubble Letters. Cool graffiti design. Write my name in graffiti

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sketch Graffiti Letter S | Create Graffiti Alphabet Letters

Sketch Graffiti Letter S | Create Graffiti Alphabet Letters

Graffiti sketch examples of fonts, and letter S. Cool design and style graffiti.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Making Design Alphabets | Graffiti Alphabet Letters

Making Design Alphabets | Graffiti Alphabet Letters

A-Z graffiti alphabet design examples of each style. Example:
  • Graffiti fonts
  • Graffiti bubble
  • Wildstyle graffiti
  • Graffiti with a neon light effect

Beautiful Paintings With Graffiti Alphabet Design

Beautiful painting graffiti design with alphabet letters. Landscape painting and graffiti art.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

6 Creator of Graffiti Art Alphabet Street

6 Creator of Graffiti Art Alphabet Street. Unique graffiti style alphabet letters other than graffiti design usually.
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